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    Dr. Power++ is a web page dealing with common issues encountered when developing with Powersoft Power++. Each month, the doctor will address a new common topic in the form of tips or questions. If you have a question or want to share a tip, please send a message to Dr. Power++.
Tip # Description
14 Order! Order! Setting Tab Order at Runtime
13 Jazz up your DataWindow
12 Making a Splash
11 The BLOB in your Database!
10 100 cc's of ICONS - STAT! (StatusBar, that is.)
9 Reduce Your Compile Times - Drastically!
8 Views Using WImage List
7 Clean Up After Yourself!
6 Using double-buffering with canvases
5 Some Quick Tips
4 Adding functionality to existing Power++ classes
3 Converting between commonly used types
2 Non-FDX Form Communication
1 Organizing Multi-Targeted Projects

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