BETA 1.7 available

Version 1.6 released

The new 1.6 release corrects some minor problems

SNTPCLNT 1.5.1 released

New is a SNTPCLN5.NLM who runs on Netware 5. It is identical to the SNTPCLN4.NLM V1.5. The SNTPCLN5.NLM will run on Netware 4.11 servers too, we actually don't know about 4.0x and 4.10. The next release will address teh ResyncAT problems and probably merge SNTPCLN4 and SNTPCLN5 into one single NLM.

Daylight calculation available

Running SNTPCLN3 in a country where you have daylight saving ?

Look at the daylight page, there you will find a java 1.1 applet who calculates the correct settings for your SNTPCLNT.CFG

Release V1.1b available

HotRunning SNTPCLNT with Multiprotocol Router or private networks

When using the new TCP/IP stack (V4.x) together with NCS/MPR and service pack 3/4 can couse SNTPCLN4 to no longer finding the time servers.
The release 1.1b fixes this problem. No other changes have been made.

First public release V1.1 available

SNTPCLNT is a SimpleNetworkTimeProtocol client for Netware 3.x and 4.x

What can SNTPCLNT do for you ???

On the internet you can find a lot of hosts who know the exact time. Some of them are based on atomic clocks, others on the GPS signal and on still other timesources.

SNTPCLNT can contact such a host and set the local clock according to this information. With this system your clock can run with the precision of an atomic clock, and you always have the correct time.

SNTPCLNT exists as a NLM for Netware 3.x servers and for 4.x servers. It is shareware, here are the current prices.