Http-stat is the ultimative (or at least one of the ultimative) statistic generator for your WEB site.


Http-Analyze is a win32 application who analyzes the logfile of a web server. It creates some very nice statistics with graphics included. Look at the statistics of this server. It is created with just this application.

Microsoft IIS 2.x & 3.x special notes

The IIS normaly uses a non-standard logfileformat. NTTPAnalyze only supports the CERN and the combined CERN/NCSA logfileformat. To use httpanalyze with the microsoft servers, you must either configure it to create normal logfiles, or use a conversion utility. Here you find one conversion script: logtrans.htm. If anyone makes a native application, then please tell me of it, I would then put a reference to it on my site too. (If you provide C or C++ sourcecode for it, I can even integrate it in the http-analyze.exe !!!)

What's the price of it ?

For personal use it's free. For the excact licence terms look at this site. There you can get the source code at no fee. I have created a WIN32 application, and put it online, so you don't have to build it for yourself.

Where to get it

For the intel WIN32 binary you can directly click here (It's 1MB). The documentation and the source code are available here.

And of course you can use the AT command to shedule the execution once a day.

Frequently asked questions

Q: I dont receive any country informations in the statistic, what is wrong ?

A: In the logfiles you must have the full domainnames included. If your web server has DNS reverse lookup disabled, you need to process the logfile with a special utility who replaces the IP numbers with the hostnames. RESDNS is such a utility who allows you to do this.

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